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Personalized Attention

Personalized Attention

Experienced Physical Therapists

Experienced Physical Therapists

Outstanding Results

Outstanding Results

Find relief

Stretch - Strengthen - Stabilize
Reduce pain

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At Move Well Physical Therapy, we build a personal connection with each and every client. Through direct, one-on-one care for your entire session, we focus on your individual needs. By discovering what is important to you, we can help you achieve your goals.

At Move Well Physical Therapy, you have access to a wide variety of treatment techniques and approaches. Your physical therapist uses the unique combination your body needs to help alleviate pain, improve strength, balance and get you Moving Well once again!

  • Personalized Attention  - Your body, your injury, and your goals are unique. We work with you!
  • A Variety of Treatment Techniques - Physical Therapy involves a combination of techniques, each one chosen specifically for your unique situation
  • One-on-One Treatment - Quick results come from specialized one-on-one treatments designed to help you reach your goals

Here’s how we get you feeling great again with Physical Therapy

A Thorough Assessment

A Thorough Assessment

We can’t get you to where you want to be without knowing where you are.
Your Recovery Plan

Your Recovery Plan

A unique combination of techniques reduces pain, increases strength and mobility.

Move Well

Move Well

Enjoy your active life again now that you can Move Well. A personalized physical therapy home exercise program will keep you on the right track.

It's time to take back your life and start living pain free

Our services

There are many kind
of services we offer

Why choose us?

We are not limited
to one physical therapy technique!

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Personalized Physical Therapy in Norwood

Move Well Physical Therapy focuses on your goals. Starting with a comprehensive assessment, we work with you to determine what will get you moving! Reduce pain. Increase strength. Improve mobility.

  • HANDS-ON - Physical therapy at Move Well PT is hands-on, one-to-one, and personalized to focus on you and your goals
  • INJURY RECOVERY - Speed healing after an injury with the variety of physical therapy treatments available at Move Well Physical Therapy
  • CHRONIC PAIN - If you are dealing with overuse symptoms, a condition that causes chronic pain, or just want to start moving better, that’s what we do here at Move Well PT


Therapeutic Exercises and Injury Prevention

Every injury you suffer makes the next one more likely unless you take action. Once you have recovered from your current condition, your physical therapist at Move Well Physical Therapy starts to look to the future.

Our personalized home exercise and injury prevention education will keep you moving well.

  • Recover fully with a personalized physical therapy program, and then move ahead into injury prevention for the future
  • Discover the freedom you’ll gain with greater strength, increased mobility, and less pain with physical therapy from Move Well Physical Therapy
  • Customized programs speed recovery and reduce the chances of reinjury. Take back your life from pain and immobility!
Doctor Explains...

It feels hopeless when pain holds you back.
Move Well Physical Therapy sets you free!

  • Results-driven, measurable, customized care plan
  • Access to the latest up to date tools and techniques
  • 98% of patients report feeling improvement after just the first visit

Do you wonder if Physical Therapy
is the solution to your pain?

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